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Born in the middle of the COVID sanitary crisis, Dare Win has chosen to offer you a range of products mainly coming from French and European industrial fabrics.

A supply in short circuit which guarantees you prices 3 times more winning:


- Winning prices for you, that means competitive prices compared to other distributors.

- But also prices that allow our suppliers to consolidate their businesses in territories close to you.

- A short supply chain also wins for the environment by limiting the routing of products around the world when they can be manufactured locally!


The articles presented have been selected for their robustness, their durability over time (avoiding costly permanent renewal over time for both your wallet and the environment). Why change each year if a quality purchase allows you to keep your item for many years?


Because we believe that the screen of the laptop, tablet or smartphone is not a screen between you and us.

Because we are not far from your eyes and therefore we are close to your heart. 

Because behind this screen, real men and women are at your disposal and work to give you satisfaction motivated by the desire to please you.


At the number : 06 07 13 34 68, your Dare Win Store assistant is available from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm and by mail anytime.


Simple and effective solutions which bring us back to the essential when the extraordinary only distracts us for a moment.

Simplicity does not exclude ingenuity and innovation. DARE WIN STORE selects innovative and clever articles for you.

Simplicity for DARE WIN STORE, on the other hand, means thinking about the final user of the product : articles that can be used independently, conveniently and easy-to-use.


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